I 3D printed a key to the apocalypse

About 90% of the people I follow on Twitter are comic artists. Last fall one of my favorites put out a call out to anyone with  3D printing knowledge to create an object from the comic he was currently working on called Nameless. The comic is worth reading (it’s also terrifying/disgusting, so not for the little ones). I’m not going to spoil it, but suffice it to say, he wanted me to create this object that is more or less part of the apocalypse.

Here’s a picture of the object from the comic:


Because of the shape, I had to design it and print it in two parts. A 3D printer works a lot like a hot glue gun, so if you want something with legs and a top (like a table or something) you have to create these temporary breakaway supports called “rafts”. OR you can do what I did divide it in two (in the middle on the horizontal access), print them, then glue them together. Here’s the printed version just after gluing the pieces together (you can see the seam):


After patching and a lot of sanding, I hand-painted it with two different metallic colors. The object (called the Ixaxaar) is supposed to be composed of two different similar objects from two dimensions with one rotated by 90 degrees on three separate dimensions. Here it is with the first coat of pain applied (right after primer):


The object is also supposed to be old, so I needed to weather it after the metallic paint dried. To do this you can just take black paint and kind of smear it on then dab it off. It makes the metal look old (I did a similar thing with a mad max facemask I made for Halloween last year).

And here’s his tweet featuring the final version (note the weathering relative to the picture above). I think it’s safe to say he likes it: