That time I did an Army of Darkness homage as a Wedding Present

As promised, here is one of the many creative projects I’ve been working on for the past few months.


This is a kickstarter reward that I did for a backer of our first group comic: Identity (available digitally here and physically at most comic shops in the Chicago or by contacting me directly). It’s a wedding present for my friend and his fiance. His mother backed our “mystery artist” reward level, which was supposed to be a commission by the artist that we thought could best capture the requested drawing. However, since she knows me, she requested that I do the commission. Her only instruction was to do a “wedding scene with a funny cast of characters”. I needed more direction, so I had the idea of doing some kind of play on an iconic movie poster. I sent my friend a list of what I considered to be iconic movie posters (wish I had the list to share, I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on it, but I think I did it via gchat so I can’t find the original message) and from the list he selected the poster for Sam Raimi’s cult classic “Army of Darkness”. Here’s a link to that image if you want to get a flavor of what was modified from the original.

I changed the wardrobe to be wedding wardrobe and I replaced the chainsaw hand with a laptop (inside joke about my friend’s computer addiction). They both currently live outside of Seattle, so I added the space needle in there, and finally, I changed the skeletons into zombies. Someone told me that the two zombies holding onto the car have a passing resemblance to myself and the groom’s mother, but to be honest, I just don’t see it.

This is probably the first time that I’ve put this much work into something digitally. It’s also the first time that I’ve tried coloring entirely within Manga Studio/Clip Studio paint. I’d say I probably put 20 hours in on this piece and to be honest, I feel like I could have put in 20 more. I was afraid that if I did that though, I probably would have polished it a bit too much, which to a non-artist sounds like a great thing, but trust me, it’s not. It would lose some of it’s looseness and would be much more boring than how it ended up. I hope he likes it!

If you like this (and man I hope you do) and you want one of your own, I’ll be offering commissions as a reward for our next kickstarter which will be launching at the end of this month. If you are reading this after the kickstarter has launched and you missed the opportunity to back that level, please contact me through the site contact form or message me on twitter @edomanic.