About Ed

Hello! I’m Ed, and I will be your cartoonist for this morning/afternoon/evening. I’m originally from Michigan, but currently live on Chicago’s north side. I’ve always loved drawing, but put it down when I decided to pursue my education and get a “real” job (I know, I know, you’ve heard this story before, probably in cinematic form, with someone more photogenic in the lead). In the span of ten years I collected three degrees in psychology and even threw in a year as a visiting professor for good measure.

After saying a fond farewell to Michigan State University, I started a job that challenged me intellectually, but left the creative juices a little stagnant. Creativity has always been a huge part of me, and I didn’t want to ignore it, so I returned to what I loved to do as a child: draw comics. I used to work with superheroes, but then I realized that there are much more wild and rebellious things to draw, like  a platypus. My cat Luna (aka, “the wee baby kittums”) is a huge inspiration for kant or wont, but so far she doesn’t have her own storyline/comic (sorry).

With a little trial and error, experimenting with both pencils and digital pencils, I’ve fine-tuned my process to one third real pencil and two thirds pretend ones. When I’m motivated — which, to be honest,  has more ups and downs than the stock market —  I sometimes provide tutorials and “behind the scenes” details in the blog section of this site. So if that interests you, please check it out (and if you don’t see what you want, let me know and maybe I can provide it). As well as drawing comics, I take creative commissions, so if there is a t-shirt, hoodie, or pencil case in your life that is looking a little bare, let me know.

When I’m not creating comics for your enjoyment, I’m juggling, folding napkins into exciting shapes, or working as a statistical consultant in the healthcare industry.

About the comics

I’m currently the proud papa of four little comics, all of which you can read and enjoy on kant or wont. You can read more about each of them below:

Kant or wont  

Darwin the platypus, Euclid the Fox, Oppenheimer (Oppie to friends) the Otter and Watson the vulture think that life can be tough; but doing it together is altogether more fun. They’d rather like some more company, so you should join them!

Nature’s Most Annoying Creations

Learn more about the amazing – and slightly strange – world that we live in by experiencing the bizarre animals that live among us; current favorites include the RepublicAnt, the Cheapanze, and the Bro-Weevil.

Ridiculous Business Sayings

We’ve all been there: someone says something in the office, and you nodded, but you had no idea what they said. Corporate jargon can be confusing and when taken literally, quite funny. These comics illustrate the silly, so the next time you’re in a meeting and one of these gems comes up, and believe me, they will, you can just smile and laugh to yourself. On the inside. Seriously, don’t laugh out loud, I don’t want to be responsible for anyone losing a job.

Odds and Ends

Sometimes, my brain just pops out one-offs comics that refuse to fit neatly into any particular category.  This is where they come to live. Best enjoyed with a smile and a slightly quizzical expression, and served chilled.