Below you’ll find the fabulous cast of Kant or Wont:

Main Players

Darwin H. Platypus III



As a platypus, Darwin chooses not to go by his full name, Darwin H. Platypus III. His head is full of crazy ideas and his heart is big enough to try them all out. Darwin always looks on the bright side of life. Don’t be fooled into thinking him a simpleton, he’s a lot more clever than people give him credit for.


Euclid is Darwin’s best friend, which just proves that platypus-fox relations really have come a long way. He’s is the prototypical straight man with a healthy dose of skepticism. That does not, however, mean that he never has fun — he just does so cautiously.

Oppenheimer “Oppie”

Unlike most otters, who are just happy to lie on their backs and crack oysters, Oppie relishes the chance to prove his superiority over others, and likes to think his intellect sets him apart. He may not appreciate it, but Oppie is fortunate to have such accepting friends, even if he constantly tests the limits of their patience.


watson cast


Sarcasm, thy name is Watson. If you looked up “hater” in the dictionary, you’d see his face. As a vulture of culture, he’s sure he knows what’s best, and it’s probably not the commercial over-hyped garbage you like. It’s not really his fault though, Vultures are notoriously picky…  He’d never say so, but secretly he just wants people to like him.