New T-Shirt Design – Voting has begun!

I recently discovered that the deal site “woot” not only sells shirts, but does so by creating “derbies”. In the derby you get a theme the week before, create your design, and enter it once the contest opens. This week’s theme was “Halloween”. So I did sort of a take on innocence/evil. Semi-inspired by works of fiction like MacBeth. It’s three women dancing in the moonlight, but as this contest allowed glow in the dark, I decided to add a glow in the dark element. You can see the details of┬áthe design below and vote for it here (voting ends on Thursday at 12pm cst/1pm est). The only catch is that I think in order to vote you have to a woot member and you have to have bought something from them before. If my design is one of the top three I get $1000, plus $2 for every t-shirt sold after the first day of sales.

shirt comp

daylight design

night design